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Custom Jewelry Designs In Chambersburg

As a third-generation jeweler, Andy Gartenberg continues his family’s proud tradition in a number of ways. He designs his own pieces, but also works with customers to create custom jewelry designs. These designs contribute to creating one-of-a-kind pieces for customers to cherish.

What We Do

Our decades of experience mean you have flexibility when it comes to finding that exact piece of jewelry for you. Stone cuts and even particular ring designs are all open for discussion. You’ll get a clear explanation of what a given design will entail before work begins.

Once a design is complete, we can work with our family-owned manufacturers to create the components of the piece. Our experienced jeweler will then assemble them into the completed piece and ensure it fits properly.

This combination of offering access to a custom design process as well as having access to our own manufacturers allows us to offer a relatively quick turnaround time on custom pieces. It also ensures you can find the right piece in our store—whether or not it is already there.

We Carry Notable Names

Gartenberg Jewelry prides itself on making custom pieces available to our customers, but we also carry brand-name jewelry, as well. These notable lines from designers’ collections ensure you can get a particular piece you saw elsewhere just as easily as a unique piece made just for you.

Our selection includes both standard jewelry as well as luxury watch options. The principles guiding our selections ensure that our customers have access to a variety of style to allow them to create the look they desire. Careful handling and attention to detail means we can help you find a quality piece, too.

Some of the brand names we carry include:

  • Bulova
  • ELLE Jewelry
  • Benchmark

These brands and more allow us to help ensure our customers can find what they want. Remember that if we don’t already have it, you can talk to us about ordering the piece you want.

Gartenberg Jewelry Is Here To Help

If there is one thing we’d like all our customers and potential customers to keep in mind, it is that we remain highly dedicated to personal service. Your experience with us is important. That’s why we try to offer as wide of a selection as we do.

We want you to be able to leave our store confident you made the right choice. Our pride in our ability to offer custom jewelry designs is important, yes, but more important is you being able to make the memories you want and create the style that you desire.

This is the kind of dedication that the Gartenberg Jewelry name has been built on. We intend to continue to build that name by maintaining this high standard of service in Chambersburg and beyond.

Stop by to Explore Our Unique Selection!