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Custom Artisanship in Chambersburg

Andy Gartenberg is a third-generation craftsman who learned his trade from his parents who, in turn, learned the craft from Andy’s grandfather. This history of passion about the trade is what allows Andy to be so certain of the quality of his work. He benefits from generations of experience.

Generations of Experience

Andy’s grandfather operated out of a store in Altoona, PA, in the early 1900s. These early years of the family tradition still showed the dedication to craftsmanship that continues today. Eventually, Andy’s parents moved to Chambersburg, PA, in 1946 and opened a business of their own.

Andy was brought up helping his parents with their business, and he quickly learned the skills expected of him in the family-owned company. His mother’s dedication to customer service was particularly imprinted on him over the years, and he does his best to live up to her example to this day.

Today’s Gartenberg Jewelry isn’t the original business owned by his parents, but instead is Andy’s own company he founded in 1993. While the store itself has existed for two and a half decades, the legacy of craftsmanship and customer service it represents has been a mainstay for far longer.

Andy’s Art

Being a professional artisan and craftsman requires an artistic sense of aesthetics. Andy uses this eye regularly to help customers design custom pieces. This allows him to combine his profession with his artistic side to create a beautiful synthesis of both.

Andy has created a number of designs over the years simply as his own concepts. As a result, some of the artistic designs you see on this page may or may not be available from Gartenberg Jewelry. Their artistic merit remains regardless of this, though.

This focus on the more personal nature of a craftsman’s work helps to maintain the spark of humanity that should be at the heart of all art. It helps to ensure that his business continues to have a distinct relationship with customers, instead of simply viewing the entire affair as a purely mechanical transaction.

Slumped Wine Bottles

They come in varied shapes, colors, and patterns. These unique trays and spoon rests are great for serving cheese and crackers, dips and veggies, and for use at informal get-togethers.



Wooden Tea Light Candle Holders

They are made from exotic woods, in a variety of natural colors (no stain). The woods used include padauk, yellow heart, purple heart, maple, canary, zebra wood, and bubinga.

Tile Quilts

Ceramic and wooden quilts made with handmade tiles and exotic wood, and connected with copper rings. They come in varied colors and styles.

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